A member of the Bahrain Medical Association has the right to:


The member of the society must have the following conditions:


The membership of the Assembly is divided into three sections:

Working Membership:


The Board of Directors may dismiss the member from the Assembly after hearing his point of view in the following cases:

A dismissed member may lodge a grievance against the decision to dismiss him before the Ordinary or Extraordinary General Assembly at its first meeting after the issuance of the resolution of dismissal and the decision of the Assembly shall be final. The Secretary of the Board of Directors shall notify the Member of the General Assembly Resolution within two weeks from the date of issue.

Membership falls in one of the following cases:

The member must respect the rules and regulations of the society and abide by its decisions and pay the membership fees and participation as determined by the financial regulations and abide by the rules and duties of the doctor and the ethics of the profession, and he must alert the board of directors if any violation of any member of those laws, regulations or decisions. He shall also perform his duties in respect of his profession with precision and honesty and abide by the conditions and rules of practicing the profession.

With the emphasis that the relationship between members should be based on fellowship, trust, mutual respect and fair competition. A member of the Association shall not be entitled to take any judicial action against any other member because of practicing the profession, unless the matter is submitted to the Board of Directors.

Membership Form

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