Physicians Foundation Abdulaziz Kanoo charity collaborate in promoting the training of doctors programs

Bahrain Medical Society held a meeting with Abdulaziz Kanoo Foundation which examined aspects of support that could be provided by the institution of the Assembly's efforts in holding scientific and training activities for physicians of its members, as well as scientific research and publications issued by the Assembly topics.

President of the Medical Association, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah high and stressed that going ahead with the establishment of courses, programs and workshops association aims to promote the practical and professionally honorable doctors and keep abreast of one of the modern scientific trends in information and practice within their terms of reference, pointing out that this comes in a solid direction and the work of the Board of Directors .

The Dr. senior thanked the Foundation Abdulaziz Kanoo charity represented by its president, Mr. Badr bin Abdulaziz Kanoo on their initiative in good communication with doctors association and expressed their willingness to support the activities of the Assembly, stressing that these social Alambardat is not a stranger to the family of Kano, with leading health, cultural and charitable fields of social contributions a lot.

President of the Assembly and stressed the importance of community support for the activities of civil society institutions volunteer, so as to enhance the ability of these institutions to fulfill its mandated role in the service of society, and to raise its contribution to the desired overall development process

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