Leading & Committed to Better Health Professionalism
Mission, Vision & Values



  • - To achieve the vision by developing, designing and implementing sustainable models and programs by joining hands with authorities at root levels on one hand and with physicians on the other.
  • - To promote professional development of medical providers.
  • - To raise public awareness on healthcare issues.
  • - To encourage research.
  • - To advocate for patient rights and high quality care.



BMS vision is to be the primary support and platform for the medical professionals, empowered and committed that fully participate with all health decision making authorities and program leading to better health professionalism and by being an integral part of the professional life of every physician.



  • - Professionalism
  • - Mutual understanding
  • - Integrity
  • - Leadership
  • - Ethics
  • - Commitment

President Statement

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to see my BMS member colleagues joining forces to further enhance and develop the advancement of one of the largest growing societies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain Medical Society (BMS).

Your proactive work will lead to great results for BMS. With the mutual trust, it is always possible to build a world class society that meets the highest standards and levels.

I encourage all members to support and invest in BMS membership program, not just for educational and research benefit, networking opportunities but also to build relationships with other BMS colleagues around the Kingdom of Bahrain. The stronger and more plentiful these links become over the years, the better is your access to matchless information.

Greater opportunities will help widen your intellectual and cultural understanding about our crucially important profession which in turn will make your professional life more pleasurable.

Rest assured that the BMS board of directors and the staff are ready to support you in every possible way, and I wish each and every one of you immense success in achieving your goals through your BMS membership.

I look forward to seeing you during one of our educational or social events planned throughout the year.

Dr. Ghada Al Qassim
Bahrain Medical Society

Board of Directors

Dr. Nazar Bukamal

General Secretary

Dr. Salman Al Khalifa

Financial Treasurer

Dr. Nawal Al Hamar

Board Member

Dr. Amal Al Ghanem

Board Member

Dr. Rani Al Agha

Board Member
Past BMS Presidents


  • Dr. Ali Al Aradi
  • Dr. Khalil Hassan
  • Dr. Abdulla Al Ajmi
  • Dr. Ahmed Jamal
  • Dr. Maha Al Muqla
  • Dr. Mohamed Rafie
  • Dr. Mohamed Rafie


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  • 2002-2004
  • 2006-2008
  • 2008-2012
  • 2012-2014
  • 2014-2016
  • 2016- April 2018